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Leading the Way in Next System Studies

by Kellie Wilkerson, Center for Social Science Research at GMU

· Next System

“Any number of departments, programs, or centers could have instigated this process, we just happen to be the ones taking initial steps,” remarks Dr. Ben Manski, a new member of the Sociology faculty at Mason.   The process in question? The introduction of a new field of research, teaching and learning that engages with communities in building and studying, “next system design, systemic movements, and system change.” In other words: next system studies.  

This introduction  takes place on a large stage on Wednesday, April 21st with, “The Next System and the Academy: Systemic Crises, Movements, and Change in the 2020s,” an event keynoted by Congressman Mark Pocan and featuring panelists Kali Akuno (Cooperation Jackson), Dr. Gar Alperovitz (Democracy Collaborative), Dr. Amy Best (George Mason University), Dr. Diane Fujino (UC Santa Barbara), Peter Knowlton (UE General President, retired), Dr. Ben Manski (George Mason University), and Mike Strode (U.S. Solidarity Economy Network).

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