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The 1990s-2020s: The Millennial Turns and this Decisive Decade

Join the discussion on March 11th at 7pm U.S. Eastern time

· Social Movements

The 2020s may prove to be “The Decisive Decade.” But what are the origins of the movements of these times? And what difference do those histories make today? We often are called to look back to the 1960s for lessons. But what of the 1990s and the movements at the turn of the millennium?

On March 11th, at 7pm Eastern (U.S.), join Bill Fletcher, Jr., Shannon Gleeson, Hillary Lazar, Ben Manski, Suren Moodliar, Jackie Smith, Norman Stockwell, and Lesley Wood in conversation.

Recently a group of social movement scholars and activists took up the question of “the millennial turns” - global, democratic, and anarchist - that produced not only the shutdown of the World Trade Organization in Seattle twenty years ago, as well as other major mobilizations of the period, but also many of the elements of social movements that are still in play today. This scholarly group produced a remarkable collection of studies, essays, and personal accounts of the 1990-2010 millennial period published just now in the journal of Socialism and Democracy’s special issue, Movements at the Millenium: Seattle +20.

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