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    Since the early 1990s, Ben Manski has been engaged in efforts to strengthen democratic institutions and culture through the building of a democracy movement in the United States. His research addresses difficult strategic problems facing democracy advocates.


    Manski is president of the Liberty Tree Foundation, a strategy center he founded in 2004, a co-founder of Move to Amend, a Research Fellow with the Next System Project, an Associate Fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies, and an Associated Fellow with the Critical Realism Network. In 2010, Manski co-founded the Wisconsin Wave, which played a leading role in the Wisconsin Uprising of 2011. In addition, he has managed a series of national and state-level organizations, managed local and presidential campaigns, innovated new online CMS and social network technologies, coordinated mass direct action campaigns, and provided competent representation to clients in the areas of non-profit, employment, labor, and election law. He is a lifelong union member.

    University of California, Santa Barbara


    PhD candidate in Sociology at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)

    Research Assistant at the Earth Research Institute, UCSB


    MA, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2016

    JD, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2005

    BA, Sociology, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1999


    CV at ucsb.academia.edu/BenManski/CurriculumVitae

    Select publications at ucsb.academia.edu/BenManski 


    Fields: Social Movements; Law and Society; Political Sociology; Environmental Sociology


    Research Interests: Constitutionalism; Legal Change, Mobilization and Popular Law; Political Inequality; Federalism and Municipalism; Democracy Movements; Philosophy of Social Science; Ecofeminism, Deep Ecology, Earth Rights and the Rights of Nature



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    “Ben Manski has intriguing and provocative ideas, which will arouse spirited discussion in any audience.”

    ~ Howard Zinn

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    A featured speaker at hundreds of campuses and communities worldwide and a regular guest in major and alternative media, Manski presents useful strategies for democratizing society and overcoming the domination by corporate capital of our institutions and daily lives.

    Social Change

    Democracy Advocate

    Liberty Tree Foundation

    for the Democratic Revolution

    Founder and President

    Next System Project

    New Constitutionalism Research Fellow

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